Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength!

Reader Alyssa requested swatches of these yesterday when I posted my haul. Today was a crazy busy day at work so I wasn't able to do it until now. I am sorry for the delay! 

BTW... I am not a fan of swatching on nail wheels. I feel like its "cheating" and that's why I don't usually use them. But Alyssa assured me that it was OK so here it is! I hope you don't mind. Swatchathons and I are a rare event. I am so busy with work that one polish change a day, perhaps two is the most I have time for. Thank you for understanding!

As mentioned in my haul post, I only picked up 8 of the polishes in this collection. These are the ones I felt were most interesting or worthwhile. I do not remember how many in total there were. I should have whipped out my phone and took a picture of the display for you. I apologize that I didn't. I am not sure what stores will carry these, but I found mine at Walmart.

Onto the bottle shots!
Platinum, Glass Slipper, Aisle Be There

Something Blue, Pulled Sugar, Princess Cut

Wedding Chapel, Black Tie

I applied one coat by itself and then one coat over black on the wheel. These are great for layering, they are all beautiful. I highly recommend this collection!

Platinum looks like a pearl in the bottle. This one was a pleasant surprise. I really like it over black! I see green, pink, and purple... does that make it a multi-chrome? (Nevermind the speck of black on the left swatch! OOPS how did that get there LOL)

Glass Slipper is another favorite of mine. Who can resist a white flakie? Not me, that's for sure!
Glass Slipper

Aisle Be There is a very pretty pink shimmer that also flashes bits of gold. I think it looks great by itself as well as over black. (Looks like I put a fingerprint on the right swatch! OOPS how did that get there LOL)
Aisle Be There

Something Blue is a shimmer with glitter, hooray! The iridescent glitter is sparse, so it's just the right combination of sparkle and shine. 
Something Blue

Pulled Sugar looks to me like a teeny pink glass fleck. It looks more interesting in these photos than it does in person. I am a little disappointed with it.
Pulled Sugar

Princess Cut is the other flakie of the bunch! It is pink in the bottle, but ends up looking very similar to Glass Slipper on the nail. 
Princess Cut

Wedding Crasher is a magenta jelly with lots of small pink square glitter. I love it over black!
Wedding Crasher

Black Tie is another disappointment for me. Good news is, it seems to be relatively opaque, so layering it over black is not necessary. On the nail it looks like a frost with a slight duochrome. I see pink, purple and blue when looking at it in different angles.
Black Tie

What do you think of the eight I chose? Which are your favorites? Do you plan on getting any of these?


PolishAddicted said...

Love these!! I think Something Blue is my favorite but I also like Glass Slipper and Platinum a lot too!!

Emm said...

something blue, platinum and black tie.... I have to get these asap!

Patricia Colucci said...

Nice swatches!!! I'm interested.

Patricia Colucci said...

What?? Color wheels are cheating?? That sucks. I don't feel like doing swatches on my short nail weeks. I hate nubbins. I mean, we all have them from time to time, but I don't feel like showcasing the most fantastic polish in the world (whatever it may be for that hour), on nubs. How about I paint the color wheel nude first. So it appears more life like. Would that be cheating less?

TheCherylFlavour said...

OMG! These are fantastic! Especially the flakies! BTW, swatching on nail wheels are not cheating.. it's just being kind to our real nails! Think of all the acetone!

Miss L said...

These look so pretty. I like all of these except the Black Tie.

Tera said...

I am really liking Black Tie and Princess Cut!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

looks amazing!

my blog-follow me♥mfashionfreak

Kitty said...

I've never been a big fan of Sally Hansen Diamond strength, but some of these are neat. I like the Wedding Crasher over black the best!

Bárbara ^^, said...

I do love them all!
The bottles are so pretty!

Great choice!

=* Kiss

Katie said...

You must wear Black Tie to appreciate it. This is the 2nd review (on a nail wheel) I've seen both failed to capture this steel beauty. Please give it another try. I'm off to find a back-up bottle. xoxo

Ali's Nail News said...

Thanks for the swatches! I went to WM yesterday, after seeing your post. I got most of the same ones as you, but passed on Wedding Crashers, because it looked like a dupe to and Island Girl I have. However, I didn't realize it was square glitter?! Is it square, and hex glitter? Or just square? If it does have actual square glitter, I think I need to go back and get it. I'm a sucker for square glitter. :-)

MissDoll said...

They look amazing specially white flakes

Amber said...

I hope I find these soon! They look awesome!

casandraeileen said...

wow i need glass slipper or princess cut... you know i love me some flakie goodness!

moonchild said...

Love those white flakies!

denisefh said...

Are they new? Maybe some are discontinued? I went on the hunt today and came up empty! Not even on eBay.

GothamPolish said...

I love your swatches over black! That really helps to see the polish :)

Swååfie said...

White flakies!? *Faints*... Wow.. :)

denisefh said...

Got them! Went to a bigger WM today and snapped them up. The white flake is a real keeper. I see a backup bottle in my future.

Alyssa said...

These look promising! Like maybe over a dark green or navy, too? Must see about those flakies and Wedding Crasher! Thanks for the peek, Traci!

Patricia Colucci said...

I have been hunting for Glass Slipper since I saw this post. So..a month. I just found it in a drugstore on accident today. Yay!!! I was so excited to have it in time for xmas manis.