Thursday, September 29, 2011

Del Sol Trick-Or-Treat!

Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of moving, so bear with me if I can't post everyday. I will do my best and promise not to disappear on you! Life gets in the way, but... polish is also my life LOL.

 Today I want to show you Del Sol Trick-Or-Treat. I was so excited to add this one to my collection. We have been getting a ton of rain lately so I had to wait until we had a day with some SUN. Today it rained some more, but there were a few moments when the sun was out. Yes, I managed to sneak outside and photograph my color-changing mani during the move LOL.

I really enjoyed wearing this polish! It is just so neat and incorporates so many things I love... Halloween, orange, holo glitter, and it changes color! This is my first experience with Del Sol, and I am very happy so I will probably buy more. Trick-Or-Treat has orange and holographic glitter in an orange base. I needed three coats for full opacity. It dried pretty quickly but it is a hungry glitter. Even with a coat of Gelous and Orly Sec 'N Dry, it still felt a little rough in spots. In the sun it changed to a dark brown but I think it is supposed to turn black. Like I said, there wasn't much sun, it was popping out from behind the clouds here and there, so I bet this would have turned darker on a sunnier day.

Artificial light, no flash.


Del Sol Trick-Or-Treat retails for $10 but I purchased mine on eBay for $6.99 plus shipping. I think this is either a seasonal, limited edition or discontinued color because it is not on the Del Sol website. I am not very familiar with this brand so I apologize I do not know more about it's availability.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glitter Gal H705 Green!

Just when you thought Glitter Gal Lizard Belly was the bees knees...

Check out Glitter Gal Green HD Holo!

I am not quite sure why this one is called GREEN... Its not really green IMO, but more of a silver or grey. It is a little on the sheer side, so it would be perfect for layering but is also okay on its own. What you see here is two coats. One coat would look awesome over a black or purple creme I bet! OR even a GREEN creme LOL! As usual with this brand, Glitter Gal Green was perfect to apply, no complaints whatsoever! Just lots of DROOL-worthy angles. So far, out of all of the Glitter Gal 3D holographic polishes I have tried, this one has the strongest holo effect. It is way more holographic in person and I apologize my photos are a bit "lacking" in that department. You may not think so, but trust me, once you try this one out you will see what I mean! This color is a MUST HAVE from the collection!

Oh, and please forgive my left handed camera work. I am a righty and its harder for me to photograph my right hand. ;-)

Artificial light, no flash.

*checks blood pressure*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glitter Gal H723 Lizard Belly!

Oh yes, it's time to show off Lizard Belly.

I am sure you have heard of this polish by now, if not, where have you been?! Lizard Belly is just about the most AWESOMEST HOLO EVER!! Yes, I know, awesomest is not a word...LOL. Anyhow, there is a reason that you have seen this one all over the interwebs lately. It is so gorgeous, so unique, and so easy to apply. These Glitter Gals may be small  in size (9ml) but they are worth every penny. They need no aqua or fix base, any base coat will work. Top coat does not weaken the holo effect or make it disappear. If anything, top coat deepens it. There is no dragging or pulling when applying and they are super pigmented so 1-2 coats is all you need! Everyone I know who has tried these has loved them. Trust me on this one!

On to the drool-worthy photos!

Artificial light, no flash.

I hope you brought your bibs!

The last few photos you can see the marks from my top coat. Glitter Gal polishes are naturally smooth and shiny, so those lines you see are the top coat, not Lizard Belly.

Barry M Trio of Awesomeness!

I was super excited to try out some of the new Barry M polishes I received in yesterday's Nail Mail

Here is what I came up with...

I started out with one coat of Silver Foil. Yes, this is officially a one coater! As hard as it was for me to only apply one coat, this polish was flawless and covered so well. There are slight brush marks, but that is typical with a foil finish. This may be my "go-to" silver when it comes to stamping!

I then added one coat of Once Upon a Time, which is a purple and silver holographic bar glitter. This one is SO gorgeous in the bottle! Bar glitter can have a mind of its own, but I did my best to try and apply it evenly and spread out.

Then OF COURSE I had to try out Purple Rain! I just LOVE the crackle effect of Barry M polishes. They are the best, I have yet to be disappointed with them. I decided to take photos before and after adding top coat. Here it is matte. If you look closely you can see pink and blue shimmer within the purple!

Now here it is with top coat! The way the light was reflecting off of the silver and the holographic bar glitter was a bit much for my camera LOL. This combo looks way better in person! I am loving it!

Doesn't this just look FUN?! WOOHOO party time! LOL

And here are some bonus shots of the final look with all three bottles used...

So, what do you think of my Barry M Trio of Awesomeness?

Barry M Silver Foil retails for £3.99, Once Upon a Time retails for £2.99, and Purple Rain retails for £3.99. They can be purchased at or if you live in the UK you can purchase them at retail stores like Boots and Superdrug.