Monday, April 30, 2012

Zoya Nimue!

I have another fabulous layering combo in mind for you! First I shall show you the underpants... Zoya Nimue!

Zoya Nimue is part of the Smoke & Mirrors Collection. Zoya describes Nimue as, "a smoky muted thistle with blue and mauve tones and a silvered metallic finish. An unexpected soft metallic for an antiqued nail look." I must say whoever writes the descriptions for Zoya is brilliant! I wish I was that eloquent... lol. Anyways, Nimue was easy to work with and has that great formula Zoya is known for! I am usually not a fan of foils and frosts due to the brush marks, but this wasn't too bad. I think Nimue is a pretty shade that would look nice on many skintones. This is two coats without topcoat.

Artificial light, no flash.

What do you think of Nimue?

Zoya Nimue retails for $8 and can be purchased from

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PS: If you are new to Zoya, and would like to try a full sized bottle (your choice) for FREE, just click this link  --->HERE and create an account. A coupon for a FREE bottle of Zoya nail polish will be automatically placed into your account. If this coupon is used, and you add 2 or more polishes you will also qualify for FREE SHIPPING! :-)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee!

Butter London recently added a new limited edition nail polish to their line called Lillibet's Jubilee*. Its a commemorative color that honors the 60th anniversary, or Diamond Jubilee, of the Queen's accession to the throne. Her reign of 60 years is the second longest for a British monarch. Lillibet was the nickname given to Queen Elizabeth II as a child and is still what her family refers to her as.

Butter London describes Lillibet's Jubilee as "a silvery, lavender metallic foil, heavily infused with holographic glitter". Definitely an elegant shade, it reminds me of a combination of a diamond (Jubilee) and the pastel shades of clothing the Queen is known for wearing. I failed to see any holographic glitter in this polish, but it is a strong foil that covers well with just one coat. Application is great, the brush marks weren't too distracting. This is two coats without top coat. 

Artificial light, no flash.

What do you think of Lillibet's Jubilee? Do you plan on adding it to your collection?

Lillibet's Jubilee retails for $14 and can be purchased from

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*Sent to me by butter LONDON for review.

Red Carpet Lacquer Toro!

I thought Zoya Creamy needed some spicing up so I added Red Carpet Lacquer Toro!

Toro has a clear base with mostly red glitter in small hex, medium squares and bar shapes. There are also medium black squares and hex, as well as medium white hex and white bar. I really like the color combo of this polish as well as the mixture of glitters used. I didn't have to dig for the larger pieces which was nice. I am happy with the amount of glitter on the nail, this is two coats. However, silly (aka STUPID lol) me used a old bottle of CND Air Dry topcoat that was just about empty and thick, so I ended up with A LOT of bubbles! YUK! I am so sorry Toro! It's not your fault LOL.

Artificial light, no flash.

Bubbles are NOT from Toro! It's the topcoat I used. So sorry for that!!

Red Carpet Lacquer is currently OPEN on Etsy although Toro is currently sold out. There are several other great polishes to choose from! Head on over and check it out!!

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Zoya Creamy!


Oh my! What took me so long to use Zoya Creamy! Weird name BTW... Sometimes I wonder Zoya! But who cares, ITS YELLOW!!!! A perfect yellow too! Seriously, for a yellow lover like me it doesn't get much better than this! Application was perfect! This is three coats, although you could get away with two, followed by CND Air Dry.

Artificial light, no flash.

Oh look! A Jasmine hair stuck to my label! LOL

Did you take part in this year's Zoya Earth Day Exchange? Anyone get Creamy? (LOL)

Zoya Creamy retails for $8 and can be purchased from

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Better Late Than Never!

YAY!! Finally!! The April Birthday coupon!!

Special thank you to Danyal for sharing!

HURRY!! This is only valid through Monday 4/30/12!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Model's Own Balearic Cool + Candeo Colors Laser Light!

Who wants to see a pretty badass combo?? *raises hand* ME!!

I wanted to wear my Candeo Colors Laser Light but needed something fabulous to put under it. I decided to try one of the new Model's Own Hed Kandi that I received from Kim in the UK. Balearic Cool is a bright turquoise shade that I thought would compliment Laser Light nicely. I absolutely LOVE the color of Balearic Cool but the formula is kind of crappy. What a shame huh! It seemed to be a thin neon, so I first tried it over white. That didn't work well, I still needed several coats so I ended up taking it all off and starting over. Then I tried Balearic on its own applying 3 thick coats for full coverage.

Next I added Candeo Colors Laser Light which certainly lives up to its name! Holy moly this one flashy holographic glitter! My photos seriously do it no justice! You have to see this one in person, it is amazing! I noticed that the glitters tend to sink in the base but it did not affect the amount on the brush. This is two coats of Laser Light followed by Glitter Tamer and then Seche Vite. YES this is a SEVEN layer mani (8 if you include the base coat LOL)!! Needless to say, I had zero chipping and my nails were hard as a rock! I got several days out of this combo! :-)

Artificial light, no flash.

BONUS Natural light shot! No flash.

What do you think?

Model's Own website HERE.
Model's Own Facebook page HERE.
Candeo Colors Etsy Shop HERE.
Candeo Colors Facebook page HERE.

The Nail Junkie Violet Matte!

You may remember my post introducing The Nail Junkie Artisan Spring Polish Line. This set included 3 matte polishes, a green glitter, and a matte topper. Even though I am a yellow fan, I decided to try the purple first! Shocking isn't it?! I am VERY impressed with these polishes. The application was flawless, there was no pooling or streaking. Coverage was perfect with two coats! I ended up wearing this for several days and had ZERO chips! 

Artificial light, no flash.

What do you think? My nails were super long huh! LOL

The Nail Junkie Spring Artisan Line was a limited edition set and has since sold out. If you missed it don't worry, there will be a new SUMMER 2012 collection coming soon! Be sure to follow The Nail Junkie for updates.

The Nail Junkie blog HERE.
The Nail Junkie Facebook page HERE.

SpaRitual Solstice!

As promised, here is the polish I used under piCture pOlish Mask-a-Rade!

This is SpaRitual Solstice, which I have a mini of. Actually, all of my SpaRitual polishes are minis! They are so cute! I got them in sets from AveYou. Solstice is a warm shimmery gold polish, part of the Twinkle Collection. I did not experience any issues with application. This is three coats without topcoat.

Artificial light no flash.

What do you think?

For more information on SpaRitual polishes, click HERE.

SpaRitual is also on Facebook HERE.

Dazzle Dry Silver and Gold Lace Textures!

Previously I showed you Dazzle Dry Rapid Red which Dazzle Dry sent me to review. They also sent me a couple of their Lace Texture polishes (aka crackles) to try. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and do alternating nails of the two colors. I received Silver and Gold Lace Texture. The silver looks more like an off-white or perhaps a platinum shade. The dry time with these is also amazingly fast. But the crackle effect I wasn't too impressed with. I prefer a larger, chunkier crackle. Nevertheless, they worked well and gave my Rapid Red mani a new look. This is one coat of the textures with photos before and after top coat.

Artificial light, BEFORE topcoat!

AFTER topcoat!

What do you think?

For more information, visit the Dazzle Dry website HERE.

Dazzle Dry is also on Facebook HERE.