Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Candy Lacquer Valentine's Day Collection SWATCHES!!

Hello! Here is my EPIC Candy Lacquer Valentine's Day Collection swatchfest!

OMG look at those beauties!!

You probably already know Candy Lacquer is my absolute FAVORITE indie brand of nail polish. I must have about 100 bottles and I still want every single new one that comes out! I just cannot get enough. Its like Pokemon, I gotta catch them all LOL! 

I was super excited to see what Sandra from Candy Lacquer put together for Valentine's Day. I am very impressed with this collection. Its a large one, fifteen in all, so there is a little something for everyone! I think each polish is different, I did not get bored swatching them. They have quite a variety of glitter shapes! There are circles, diamonds, squares, bar, hearts, moons, stars, flowers, butterflies and hex! I think they have the perfect amount of glitter vs. base, most of these swatches are only ONE coat!

My favorites are Crazy Love, Love Rocks and Valentine's Night. But I really do enjoy each one. I hope you like them as much as I do! 

All photos were taken without flash under artificial light. Click to view larger.
Candy Lacquer Valentine Dots over Zoya Laney

Candy Lacquer Cold Hearted over Zoya Charisma

Candy Lacquer Sea of Love over Zoya Bekka

Candy Lacquer Love Struck over Zoya Kristen

Candy Lacquer Crazy Love over Zoya Creamy

Candy Lacquer Rubies & Hearts over  Cult Nails Nevermore

Candy Lacquer Love-ly Lavender over Zoya Marley

Candy Lacquer Vintage Valentine over Zoya Dove

Candy Lacquer Sweet Hearts over Zoya Shelby

Candy Lacquer Love Rocks over Zoya Malia

Candy Lacquer Heart Gold & Soul Silver over Zoya Sooki

Candy Lacquer Berry Crush over Zoya Wednesday

Candy Lacquer Valentine's Night over Zoya Purity

Candy Lacquer Garden of Love over Zoya Zara

Candy Lacquer Candy Kisses over Zoya Jancyn

What do you think?

The Candy Lacquer Valentine's Day Collection retail for $8.50 each. They are all considered LIMITED EDITION so be sure to get yours before they are gone!!

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Jennifer said...

Love all them but I think Candy Lacquer Love Rocks over Zoya Malia is one of my favorites

JQ said...

Oooooh man! Your favorites are also mine. I dig Vintage Valentine too! Thanks for the eye candy! I want them all!

nickeeschickee said...


The Wonderful Pinkness said...

I love Candy Lacquers too, but I have only eight bottles ;-) Now I'm thinking about Garden Of Love and Valentine's Night!

TikiBarbie said...

Great swatches!

Jen said...

Do you hear it? I think Lovely Lavender might be calling my name!

Awesome blog post and swatches! :)

Melissa said...

Gorgeous swatches! A lot of them are amazing.

Bárbara F. said...

Omg I Loved them! Amazing Swatches Traci! <3

magickknitter said...

Gorg! I love your pairings with them!

Jindie Nails said...

Hahaha!Bitches be trippin'! This is funny, not sure if everyone actually read what you wrote lol...Great pics too!

Jindie Nails said...

Am I going crazy! What happened to the ghetto rendition of this post? lol!

tami willis said...

Love 'em :) awesome swatches!

Miranda Lamb said...

These are all so fun! I really like sea of love!