Thursday, April 18, 2013

Avon Cosmic HOLOS!!

Hello! Have you heard? Avon just released a new collection called Cosmic, and they are HOLOGRAPHIC!! There are ten polishes in this collection, I have two so far. I am an Avon representative so I was able to get a couple as demos. I plan on buying the other eight, I will swatch them once they arrive (late next week hopefully).

The two I have to show you are Galaxy, a medium blue and Aurora, a light shade of purple. They have a scattered holo effect, versus the more obvious linear. Their formula and look remind me of the Tronica Collection by China Glaze. I love the brush on these! They were easy to apply, I did not experience any dragging or bald spots. I bet they would work well for stamping since they are highly pigmented! I only needed two coats on both of these. They also have a pretty fast dry time. 

Artificial light, no flash.
Avon Galaxy

Avon Galaxy

Avon Galaxy

Avon Galaxy

Avon Aurora

Avon Aurora

Avon Aurora

Avon Aurora

What do you think?

Here is the entire collection:

Photo courtesy of Avon

The Avon Cosmic Collection are available starting in Campaign 12. Depending on your Avon representative, they may or may not be currently on this campaign. I am, so if you are interested in ordering you can do so via my website Click the "Shop Now" tab, and they should appear on the next page. Direct delivery to your home is available, US only. Free shipping on all orders of $30 or more, enter promo code FS30REP at checkout. If you are interested in ordering and are international, email me at My shipping rates are listed on my BLOG SALE page. The introductory price on these is $3.49 each, they will be $6.

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Valens said...

They look both amazing *_*
I hope Avon will launh them in Europe soon soon!

Tasha Bird said...

cant wait to see the rest of the colors swatched but i did order
and thinking of ordering moonbeam and super nova!!
cant wait to get them

Lucys Stash said...

Hi, would you mind taking pictures in the direct sun as well? I'm really curious as to how holographic they are :)

Veronica-MeGustaNailPolish said...

They are gorgeous!

Vedrana Brankovic said...

They look pretty. These may be the first Avon polishes I'd order.

The Wonderful Pinkness said...

wow, holo is not very strong, but they are so beautiful! I want Radiant, Starlight and Saturn :-)))

The Wonderful Pinkness said...

wow, holo is not very strong but they are so beautiful! I want Radiant, Starlight and Saturn :-)))

TikiBarbie said...

These are pretty!

Gnarly Gnails said...

oooh! starlight! i wonder if its more gold or more green! i am going to hold off until i see your swatches so please hurry!

iseela said...

I always cave in buying avon polishes. I am just surprised that it is not as popular as other brands.

Christina Cutcliffe said...

Thank you--I ordered three colors. Will be interesting to see how 'holo' they are. :)

Alex said...

pretty sure I am buying a bunch of them. Headed over RIGHT NOW even!!!

Thank you!!!

Tuyet said...

Can you tell me how these polishes wear? How long does it go chip free?